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January 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian!

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a great holiday and are looking forward to the new term. Below you will find some useful information for the term ahead. Please feel free to ask anything I may have forgotten to mention.

Homework will be issued at the start of most weeks and be collected in on Fridays. Assist your child where appropriate, without doing it for them.
1) Spelling – use the techniques and games on the back of this sheet or a way of your own in order to learn how to spell the words. You can choose different ways each week to learn your words or you can use the same technique each week – whatever suits you best will be the most effective for you.
2) Reading – individual groups will still have reading that will be issued regularly but we will also be working in class on a whole class novel linked to our topic.
3) Maths – Maths tasks will be related to class work and require some adult support and discussion.
4) Topic – Throughout the term there will be a variety of tasks related to the class topic.

This term our topic work will have a historical focus. We will be exploring aspects of World War 2. We will look at the events that led up to WW2 and consider the impact of past events on current society. We will look at some aspects of daily life at that time and compare and contrast with our lives now. We will research some of the key figures and countries involved in WW2. We will look at some of the preparations people made for the war eg shelters, blackouts, gas masks, evacuation, etc as well as looking at some of the roles people held during the war. We will also explore the end of the war and remembrance. In addition our historical focus will allow us to look at and critically evaluate sources of evidence from the past.

This term P7 will have specialists for P.E. (Mrs Cruikshank) on a Thursday and Art (Mrs Thow) on a Friday.

P.E. will be on a Thursday and we will have time in the hall on Tuesday. Please ensure your child has the appropriate kit with them on both days each week – plain t-shirt, shorts and indoor gym shoes or trainers.

Any queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Gail Robertson